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The Invisible Disability

Family is very important to me, much more important than money, but I’m jealous of other autistic adults (and even kids!) who have siblings both older and younger who understand and include them in their lives in a way that they’ll never be alone. Or … Continue reading The Invisible Disability


I’ve been painting a lot recently; soft pastels, to be more specific. I’m trying my hand at realistic type like still life, it isn’t working out very well. At some point I guess I decided to paint a few  abstracts too.  It’s less work sometimes, … Continue reading Paint

Just like me

In the few months that I’ve worked at Chik-Fil-A I’ve met a ton of different types of people, most of which I’ve encountered at the coffee shop and some that are brand new types of customers and coworkers. Although I’m excited for every customer that … Continue reading Just like me