I’ve Decided…

I’ve decided to publish a book! I’ve been wondering about self publishing for a while, and finally decided to do some research recently. I already have a few manuscripts that are completed, and there’s one in particular that is my favorite. So, I’ve decided to publish a book.

I’m going through the editing process still, just polishing it mostly. Correcting spelling errors here, getting rid of book-killing adverbs there, you know, the usual polishing stuff. I started to think about a lot of things during this process like how the heck do I edit. How do I even know I’m doing it right? I’ve never really edited my manuscripts to this extent before.

I don’t exactly have a bachelors in English, though I’ve taken some creative writing classes, it was more experimental than informative. Then, I wondered if it would even be as successful as I make it out to be in my mind. You see, I have an overactive imagination. I can take anything mundane and make it grandiose until I get down in the dust. I’m not a quitter either, especially when people say I can’t do it, or when the “committee in my head” (as my dad would say) says I can’t do it.

As a child, I can remember asking dad to take off my training wheels. He did, but said that once he did he was throwing them away. I was insistent, and after he took them off I got on, and I fell…a lot. I wanted them on again, to which he reminded me that he threw them away. So, I spent the entire day outside, learning how to ride a two wheel bike. I don’t like to quit, even when I should.

In high school, I was adamant that I’d be an author. I was going to make a living off writing somehow. I was told it’d be impossibly hard. I wrote many half-finished manuscripts, and finally I finished one when I was nineteen. I have never touched it since. It is one of my worst works, in my opinion, and yet when I published it to Wattpad a lot of people loved it.

Oddly, I never considered self publishing because I was told how expensive it would be. Now, however, with eBooks it’s cheaper, free, actually, and I don’t have to go through the pain of trying to find an agent that’ll read my manuscript and getting rejected a million times. I do have to go through the pain of my own committee.

The cycle is always the same. Am I doing this right? I don’t know how to edit! Can I do this successfully?

I think I can and I think I can publish it by Thanksgiving.

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