Breaking Glass

When I had this unmistakable urge to write, I never imagined starting a blog. I thought I’d publish a book or something. Yet, I felt called to write, so strongly that for years I would say, “I’m going to be an author!” That’s still my dream, but for now writing for wattpad will have to do.

It wasn’t until 2016 that I felt a tug in the direction of a blog. Now, I had been told I should start one some time prior, but I never really did. When I came up with the name “Breaking the Glass”, which I will now be calling “Breaking Glass”, I never imagined that it would hold a meaning to me. It was supposed to be a temporary name until I found one that fit my blog, or until my blog was fully fleshed out enough to figure out a better name for it. Yet, Breaking Glass seems to fit. Honestly, I was looking at the cover of a book I didn’t enjoy reading, and on the cover someone is breaking out of a glass ball.

Now, it’s meaning has been what I hoped my blog would become, which is a new look at the world, and how scripture fits, and how we have been using it all wrong. It’s about breaking your fragile view of life, and the world we all have to share. Honestly, I never imagined it would be this way. I thought, “Okay, it’s a Christian blog, well let’s add my ASD into the mix, okay now maybe a bit of life stories, and some scripture to keep the Christian feel!” When I couldn’t find the right verse, I would use quotes instead. I still do.

Honestly, I wish I had continued writing through the two years that I felt no energy, no creativity, and no passion. I wish I had kept up my bible reading because it’s a little harder to get started again. (Though I have used learning Japanese as an excuse to download a sample of a Japanese bible on the kindle app.) I suppose, God allows us to be a little late to his call.

I love the name now, actually, another surprise I never thought would happen. I love the old layout, and I’m still playing with the new one. Can’t seem to get the colors quite right, for some reason.

It’s late as I’m writing this, and I’m getting tired, actually, but I hope I’ve done well explaining my reasoning to why I have called my blog “Breaking Glass”, and I hope that I will challenge your own views. I hope it will make you think about how you could be a better person, who has a better understanding of God.

“I wonder how Bear knows I love him. Does he even understand how much I love him? Do I even understand how much God loves me? How could I love something so much that I get this burst of energy?” -Me when I hugged my dog today.

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