If ever I have a skill (besides writing) it would be my googling powers. Yes, laugh, but I can search nearly anything and be able to give you some answer. Wanna know if Dolly Parton was arrested? Well, already did that after fake news reached me, the answer is no…she wasn’t. Wanna know about a country? I probably did that research when I was 12. Ask me anything and I’ve either searched it or I can at least give you an answer by the end of the day.I am innately curious, and it’s a hunger you can’t fill. I am always questioning my surroundings and what people tell me, and there was never a time I wasn’t like this. Even before I had touched a computer, I always asked why, and I always got in trouble but never understood it. Later, my mom realized that I was asking because I didn’t understand, but I wanted to. Later in life, I went to a museum, and got in a lot of trouble for telling everyone what each item was and why it was important. I was forced to walk behind everyone, and whenever I started to say something the teacher would scold me for interrupting our guide. Our guide…also got annoyed, I remember, but she tried to hide it. However, this curious light would never fade, and thus I became excellent with research papers. I didn’t realize that this feeling was very much normal. There arde a ton of curious people who did a lot more than I have. You can name almost anybody: Albert Einstein is the first person I think of. Benjamin Franklin. Bill Gates, even, must have been curious about something to be as successful as he is. Jeff Bezos too. Curious people push the boundaries, because they just wanna know if they can. If they fail? That doesn’t mean the whole thing doesn’t work. It just means poking at it in a different way. Curious people change the world.I feel like sometimes, we are also the type of people that the world wants to reject. We struggle against people when we don’t fit their system, because we want to do it differently to see if it works, even if it costs everything. Curiosity may have killed a cat or two, but it also has made the world the way it is today. Now curious people are trying to solve al kinds of problems! What kinds of problems can you solve if you were a bit more curious? What kinds of histories could you learn? How would it change you? Now I sit here, curiously wondering what I’ll learn next.

”I am neither clever, nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious.” -Albert Einstein

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