The story of love and hate

IMG_1732.PNGI know nothing of this photo. I know nothing of who took it or what for. I don’t know anything about the signs in the background. But of all the photos I looked at, I think this will help make my point.
America is surrounded by hate. I step outside everyday and even I’m not oblivious to it. I hear the racism whispered in the grocery store, I see the way an older lady looks at the hijab a customer wears as she orders her food, and I am not oblivious to the ongoing tension that is slowly growing into another war.
We aren’t the United States unless the People are united. When was the last time we had unity?
9/11/01. No color mattered then. Only extreme religion that resulted in a terrorist attack.
What did hate ever accomplish anyway?
Hate is what killed Able, and it used Cain as a pawn. Hate fueled the KKK to burn crosses on the doorsteps of black Americans. Hate planted an idea into Hitler’s mind that Jews were to blame for every bad thing in the world. Hate…is accomplishing so much, and it disguises itself as a friend. It’s polite. It’s kind to us. It puts on us a veil so that we do not see the violence it wants to instigate. Hate feeds off of ignorant people. Hate is a parasite in society. Hate is the reason why we are no longer The United States of America but the Divided States of America because if the American people are divided then hate is doing its job well.
Hate is a demon, and Satan’s most beloved child, because we welcome the killer back into our homes. We allow it around our children. We let it sleep in our home, rent free, but we give it our happiness in return for those sickly sweet words.
What has love accomplished?
Love is what made God come down and give his life. Love is the reason we get married, start a family. Love made us all. Love is the reason any of us has close friends. Love is the reason I’m able to be around all sorts of people without a feeling of disgust or judgment because I have taken to heart only one of God’s commands “Love your neighbor”. Love is the reason a prince is able to save a princess from a tower and it helps the knight kill the dragon.
Love is a whisper. It doesn’t have a loud voice. It doesn’t like to shout. It’s often left on the street.
Love is an angel that God sends the broken-hearted son that they are comforted. Love is the one who weeps in times like these.
“A better world is possible.” That’s what the sign says.
“Love conquers all.” This is every fairy tale I know.
So what happened in Charlottesville? Hate shouted in the crowd, it moved around, held up signs, and finally found the ignorant minded who would do anything for it. And love? It was over on the other side, gathering its army, and it weeped over the dead.
What happened, America? What has instigated the violence?

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