Month: May 2016

Autism in Love documentary review

Yesterday I watched a pretty good and simple documentary that’s currently on Netflix called Autism in Love. It features 4 people who are at different places on the Autism Spectrum Disorder (as defined by the American Psychiatric Association) who are all different ages, and at … Continue reading Autism in Love documentary review

Logical Creativity

I’m a rational and logical thinker. I rely on science as well as my own observation of the world around me to come to logical conclusions. I am also very imaginative, so although science and my own experience tell me something like unicorns don’t exist, … Continue reading Logical Creativity


It’s hard to know what to write about. If I write about my political standpoint then I’m treading on thin ice. If I write about my standpoint of certain areas of the bible, I’m treading on even thinner ice. If I put them both together … Continue reading Family

A simple word

Summer is rolling right around the corner. It’s barely the middle of spring and already I’ve seen heat as high as 103 degrees! Still too cold to swim but way too hot! Nobody here is ever ready for the heat. With everything that’s happened I … Continue reading A simple word